Thursday 27 February 2020

Annual programme of electrical, mechanical and automation improvements in remote stations in the Ter Llobregat System

Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL)

Obszary aktywności: Systemy automatyki i sterowania

Sektory działalności: Stacje uzdatniania wody pitnej, Sieci dostarczania i dystrybucji wody pitnej



The annual systematic plan of electrical, mechanical and automation work in various stations in the Ter Llobregat System is carried out within the framework of expansion and improvement of the Centralized Control and Automation System (CCAS) of Aigües Ter Llobregat. Inclusion, adaptation or modernization of a series of remote stations are planned with the aim of improving transportation, storage and safety of the drinking water supply.

Adasa has carried out various consecutive annual plans (2005 – 2009), involving work in a total of 168 stations of the following types:
• Pumping stations
• Tanks
• Direct collection stations
• Distribution stations
• Cut-off chambers
• Collectors in reservoirs

Depending on the type and condition of the station, these works have been carried out:
• Detailed engineering
• Civil engineering
Construction of :
- Electricity huts for the control and power electricity panels
- Huts for electrically connected equipment (circuit breakers, measurement, etc.)
- Manholes and trenches for electricity cables between the station's buildings
- Chambers for mechanical devices
- Tank inspection chambers housing level measurement instrumentation

• Mechanical engineering
In stations where it has been required, mechanical engineering works have been carried out for the following:
- Boiler prefabrication
- New pipes laid
- Assembly of boilers and equipment in the station (sluice valves, motorized butterfly valves, pressure reduction valves, pumps, pressure accumulators, etc.)

• Electricity connections
The necessary processes and works were carried out to provide an electricity supply to stations without one.
- Dealings with electricity utilities
- Preparation of project plans and proceedings to license installations
- Cable laying and wiring
- Transformation centres
- Measurement centres

In the case of electricity connection from a utility not being feasible, Adasa carried out the works necessary to supply the station with electricity with photovoltaic systems.

• Manufacturing of electricity panels
For station automation, Adasa manufactured electricity panels housing control and power switchgear, including these systems and equipment:
- Control systems based on Allen Bradley controllers
- Communications system (via satellite or GPRS)
- Power to process equipment (motorized valves, pumps, analysers, etc.)
- Power to auxiliary systems (lighting, power sockets, etc.)
- Process instrumentation (level transmitters, flower, pressure, analysis, etc.)
- Surveillance systems, intrusion detection and alarms
- Conditioning of the electricity panels (lighting, humidity control, ventilation)

• Instrumentation installation
Adasa installed process control instruments, including:
- Piezometric and ultrasonic tank or reservoir level transmitters
- Electromagnetic and/or ultrasonic flow transmitters
- Level transmitters
- Temperature transmitters
- Residual chlorine analysis

• Electricity supply for control, communications and power
The electricity supply for all the foregoing equipment needs to be installed (ditches, cable laying, connections and wiring, etc.)

• Control and telecontrol
To give the station the required local and remote functionality, the Centralized Automation and Control System needs local operating screens and programming of the PLC.

In addition, the SCADA has been configured to take the control screens centralized in the control centre for use by the operation technicians