Sunday, 25th October 2020

Storm Tanks

Storm or regulation tanks are elements belonging to the sewerage system itself for discharging from unitary systems (DSU), whose principal function is to store and regulate excess rainwater and waste water that is generated during periods of extremely heavy rainfall. The main purposes of these hydraulic infrastructures are to prevent the potential spilling of contaminants into receiving environments, preventing flooding in streets and towns and regulate the collector flows.

Adasa, aware of the strategic importance of these elements, draws up in-depth technical studies of each work and implements the specified actions, including filling, emptying and draining, cleaning and deodorisation systems and the full range of process and safety instruments, automation and control.

Adasa’s experience in designing, developing and implanting water behaviour modelling systems at the associated infrastructures is also worthy of note, as well as its implementation of the software for decision-making help tools and integration with tank SCADA control systems.