Sunday, 25th October 2020

Drainage Networks

One undesirable effect of human activity, in particular the piping and subsequent treatment of waste water, is the negative impact of these on the environment. Therefore sewerage systems need to be able to minimise that impact through a full coordination of their elements.

Adasa provides specific know-how in adapting the systems to the control requirements of the project, and in defining the correct instruments in keeping with the dimensions and level of automation. Provides water quality control solutions by adapting the sewerage systems to the demands made by community guidelines. We would also mention our sewerage control centres as key points in infrastructure operations supporting strategies designed to fulfil two basic objectives: efficiency and service assurance. For this purpose the control centres are equipped with advanced systems for assisting operations that implement, not only the habitual tools of supervision, remote control and alarms, but others such as the comprehensive regulation of facilities, remote maintenance or management by means of indicators.