Sunday, 25th October 2020


In today's society, dams and reservoirs are of vital importance in regulating essential water resources, and satisfy different needs, from the basic need of water-supply to the population, to other economic needs, such as cop irrigation, industrial demands or leisure and recreational activities.

Adasa’s considerable experience in this sector is shown through its integrated management of dams and reservoirs. Adasa develops and implants automation and remote surveillance systems, auscultation systems, information systems and remote sensing systems, among others, all with the principal aim of operating, maintaining and keeping the dams in optimum conditions of operation and use.

Adasa has the only integrated solution of emergency plans for dams: DamER. This technological innovation, based on latest generation tools and comprising four open parametrisable modules (incident management, communications control, warning systems and decision-making tools), guarantees an optimum response in any emergency.