Sunday, 25th October 2020

Irrigation Modernisation

Modernisation is much more than rehabilitation; it's about technology, people and processes. Adasa brings the same types of technological innovation that have transformed other industries including transportation, medicine and communications, to help irrigation districts meet their specific challenges.

Adasa applies the latest information & communication technologies, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, control and telecommunications technologies and automation processes and technologies. We apply them to help irrigation districts manage more effectively, optimise the management and delivery of water, optimise the investment in new assets, increase the collection, analysis and distribution of vital data and improve the level of service to irrigators, growers and farmers.

Adasa is clearly committed to modernising irrigation methods in order to guarantee optimum management of water resources and the correct supply of water to the different Irrigation Associations and users.

Adasa provides the design, manufacture, installation and start-up of automation processes for pumping stations and regulation reservoirs, remote control and telemetry systems for irrigation canals and raised distribution channels, telecommunication systems for the remote control of irrigation, its own low-channel irrigation control system – aquaReg – and a wide range of technological solutions that contribute to the correct use of water and favour the development of productive, sustainable, quality agriculture.

Adasa also offers operation assistance systems in order to facilitate decision-taking in planning and controlling the use of water Geographic Information Systems, which enable supervision and management through a spatial distribution of information and offer analysis tools, viewing and consultation of data related to the irrigation sector.