Thursday, 1st October 2020

Water Supply and distribution Networks

Supply networks are complex systems that involve the storage, collection and treatment of impure water, storage of treated water and transport and distribution networks.

All these supply network subsystems can be automated and remote controlled. With the objective of effectively improving the management and use of water, Adasa guarantees the excellent development of projects in all these fields. As examples, the quality control of the impure treated water, the transport infrastructures automation (pumping stations, storage tanks, etc.), the distribution networks sectored, etc.

Due to the growing pressure borne by companies and distributors, both in terms of level and continuity of the water supply service, Adasa cooperates with them by offering the latest operation assistance systems. In order to implant proactive operating strategies that will enable to respond, in a anticipated time or at least immediately, to potential service failures, Adasa completes the basic solutions of water distribution control centres with tools that are gradually becoming more and more essential. Systems for forecasting demand, operation management by indicators, integration with maintenance management systems (GMAOs), advanced systems for sector control, warning systems for the detection of leaks, systems for calculating the efficacy of sectors, remote meter reading systems, etc. are some solutions developed by Adasa.

Adasa takes advantage of the current technological convergence and combines uses of different technologies: dataloggers, SCADA communications systems, hydraulic modelling, GIS systems and Business Intelligence.