Tuesday, 20th October 2020


With the objective of optimising the assigning of hydraulic resources, preventing rises in water levels and floods, controlling pollution, reusing water and in short, conserving water resources, it is essential to apply innovative strategies, new technologies and integrated water resources management.

Within this framework, there are two large areas of activity: water quality information systems (ICA, SAICA networks, etc.) and the automatic water information systems (SAIH).

Adasa’s experience in water alert networks and quality control is evident in the design, manufacture and implantation of control and monitoring equipment, and their maintenance and control. Each station is fitted with different test equipment according to the environmental sensitivity and nature of the environment, and is capable of analysing potentially contaminating substances and physical-chemical parameters.

On the other hand, the SAIH is a powerful solution that enables to know at all times, and in real time, the hydrological and hydraulic state of the watershed, including knowing how the control devices and works inside it function.