Saturday, 11th July 2020


The general objective of the DigesTake project (COMRDI16-1-0061: Recovery and recovery of resources of urban digests within the framework of the circular economy) is to generate new knowledge and expertise for the development of processes and technologies for treatment, recovery, recovery and reuse of resources from liquid effluent and gaseous effluents (waste gases from biogas) resulting from the anaerobic digestion of EDARs, following the principles of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency. This global objective is structured in four major axes that are both project activities: "carbon" (Activity 1), "phosphorus" (Activity 2), "nitrogen" (Activity 3) and "water and concentration of nutrients" (Activity 4). Each of these activities includes industrial research tasks for the development of recovery and recovery technologies, but also complementary and / or transversal research tasks to increase environmental sustainability and the overall energy efficiency of the EDAR and optimize the control and the continuous monitoring of the compounds studied / recovered.
The main objective of IMAQUA (COMRDI163-1-0063: Integral Management of the quality and quantity of water in the supply and distribution processes) is to develop monitoring and control tools, which allow comprehensive management of the Water from the catchment to the point of consumption, which ensures the quality and minimizes the losses in the distribution circuit. Technically, the tools to be developed will be integrated with an ICT architecture, composed of different layers of interrelated intelligence that will help meet the different challenges of the RIS3CAT water community. In this sense, the project includes 4 activities: (i) monitoring and control of contaminants (detection of contaminants); (ii) interoperability and knowledge management (integration of data and systems); (iii) network monitoring systems and decision support (control and recommendation of operational and management strategies); and (iv) visualization and simulation of the information (access to the information and simulation of data).
This project has been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)