Saturday, 31st October 2020

demEAUmed. Demonstrating integrated innovative technologies for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Mediterranean tourist facilities

demEAUmed (FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO 619116) is a European project co-funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program, and it started officially on January 1st, 2014 for over 42 months (2014-2017). Seven countries are establishing this project: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.

The aim of demEAUmed project is the involvement of industry representatives, stakeholders, policy-makers and diverse technical and scientific experts in demonstrating and promoting innovative technologies, for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in the Euro-Mediterranean tourist facilities, leading to their eventual market uptake. As well as, the reduction of fresh water consumption in hotel installations, green and recreational areas, etc.

This will be achieved by using alternative water sources, such as treated groundwater, treated rainwater or the reuse of treated grey waters and/or wastewaters within the resort.