Saturday, 31st October 2020

WWQM Waste Water Quality Monitoring

The main objective of the project ECO/12/332979 is to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of the aquaTest-MO product.

Based on an eco-innovative on-line monitoring of WWTPs effluent, aquaTest-MO product allows WWTPs to run affordable on-line monitoring scheme of the process, deriving in higher quality of treated water, meaning an increased productivity of the whole system and a faster water quality control loop.

The WWQM consortium comprises 2 Spanish participants (ADASA, IDNEO), two Polish participants (GWF, DOT-EKO), and a Romanian participant (CFPPDA).

The project, to be developed between 2013 and 2015, has a total budget of € 1.3M, and is partially funded by the EACI (Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation).