Friday, 18th September 2020

OptimEDAR - Efficient Management of Small and Medium Wastewater Treatment Plants

Whilst large parts of Europe still have an abundant water supply throughout most of the year, water scarcity, droughts, floods, ageing infrastructure, increasing energy demand and pollution are growing concerns in countries all over the continent. Technologies are being developed to address these challenges, but they face difficulties reaching the market, as innovation support for the water sector is relatively underdeveloped in most countries.

The main objective of the project ECO/11/304491 is to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of OptimEDAR product, a new control and management product for small and medium waste water treatment plants (WWTP) based on an eco-innovative on-line monitoring of the aeration process in the biological reactor, resulting from a research project funded by the Spanish Agency for Technology Development (CDTI). The OptimEDAR product allows small and medium WWTPs to run affordable on-line management scheme of the aeration process, deriving in higher quality of treated water (less reactant and chemical by-products) and less energy consumption, meaning an increased productivity of the whole system and a faster water quality control loop.

The product will mainly target the European market of small and medium size WWTPs which account for the majority of the overall WWTPs market in Europe and thus contribute mostly in terms of environmental impact of the sector

The OptimEDAR consortium comprises 3 Spanish participants (ADASA, AMMI and Agencia Catalana de l’Aigua) and a Romanian company (ECOTRUST).

The project, to be developed between 2012 and 2014, has a total budget of € 1.2M, and is partially funded by the EACI (Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation).

For further information, please, visit OptimEDAR Website