Friday, 3rd July 2020

Canal Isabel II Gestión invests in improving the efficiency of remote control in a water supply network (Spain)

Canal Isabel II Gestión

Areas of Activity: Automation and Control Systems

Sectors of Operation: Dams, Drainage Networks, Storm Tanks, WWTP, DWTP

“The work carried out by Adasa in collaboration with the Automation Department at Canal Isabel II Gestión has reached a technological level that has provided us with a remote control system featuring innovative technical solutions and capable of responding to our current and future requirements.”
Joaquín López - Head of Automation Department, Canal de Isabel II Gestión. SPAIN

Canal de Isabel II Gestión (CYII Gestión) is a public company whose mission is to guarantee the water supply for a population of approximately 6.2 million of inhabitants in the Region of Madrid.
The need to expand the remote control network, in terms of the number of installed remote stations, and the creation of a new control centre at the premises of CYII Gestión in Majadahonda, which possessed the same functionalities as the current control centre in Santa Engracia, eventually led to a project which included adapting the hardware equipment of the control centres to provide them with the devices and front-end communications systems required to address the new functionalities and modify and adapt the applications programmed into the remote stations.
This project involved applying new-generation technologies and software for industrial communications, transforming the remote control system of Canal de Isabel II Gestión into a technologically advanced system within the sector, focusing not just on remote supervision but also on remote management of the facilities.


· Establishing a redundant system by means of a second control centre, thus ensuring functional continuity without a loss of information in case one of the control centres goes offline.
· Renovating the technology of the infrastructures, allowing for any future expansions of the system.
· Increasing the capacity of the remote control system, up to 1,200 remote stations.

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