Wednesday, 30th September 2020

Advanced Monitoring Systems for an Efficiency in Water Reclamation

Consorci Costa Brava

Areas of Activity: Environmental Quality

Sectors of Operation: Drainage Networks, WWTP



“The real time monitoring of the disinfection process is a key element for guaranteeing a safe use of reclaimed water. Thanks to the laboratory analysis we validate the correct operation of our water reclamation plants. However, daily safety is provided by the online measurement systems, which ensure us an optimal and reliable operation.”
Xavier Tristán. CEO. Consorci Costa Brava (Public Water Utility). SPAIN

Since 1989, one of Consorci Costa Brava’s activities is the reclamation of treated effluents in order to cover non-potable demands. Reused water must accomplish safety conditions for every particular purpose: environmental uses, aquifer recharge, agricultural irrigation, golf courses and landscape irrigation and municipal reclaimed water networks.

According to European regulations, E. coli is a bacteria widely used as a key indicator. For this reason, an advanced online E. coli monitoring system has been tested in order to demonstrate its real value in order to improve the efficiency of the water reclaimed plant, as well as show the results achieved as an early warning which ensures safe reclaimed water production and is accordingly fit-for-purpose.

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