Thursday, 16th July 2020

RuralCat, the Catalan Virtual Community for the Agricultural, Food-Industry and Rural World (Catalonia – Spain)

Generalitat de Catalunya - Departamento de Agricultura, Alimentación y Acción Rural

Areas of Activity: Information Systems

Sectors of Operation: Irrigation Modernisation



RuralCat portal is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture of Catalan Governament which aims to provide a wide range of information services for the food industry to make it more competitive.

It aims to encourage the use of new technologies in the rural world, helping the sector to be more competitive and grow. Its main objectives are:
· Broadcast updated information about the rural sector, food industry and farming techniques.
· Provide training resourses for the sector both on-line and presencial.
· Provide services to facilitate the work of professionals in the rural areas.
· Help the comunication and information sharing between members of the farming community, food and livestock as well as encourage collaboration between people in the industry

The site offers three types of services:

· Customised services for the farmer through delivery of information (recommendations irrigation, pest alerts, online training).
· Services aimed at collaboration and information sharing between farmers with common interests (Geographic situation, crops, resources...).
· Sector orientated general services (news, technical repords, interviews, agenda…).

Currently there are more than 28,000 registered users who use the tools provided by the Portal to improve the performance of their farms, receive formal training as well as to maintain an interaction with the community.

Today the site is an implementation reference of new information technology services in the agricultural sector, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Therefore, this platform helps the famers to be more competitive and make a more sustainable use of the environmental resources (water, soil, energy...). It offers a set of technical information services that are complementary to the experience and knowledge they already have, and it gives them additional information and tools, which are key elements in order to facilitate decision making process for the success of their own business and to preserve and protect ecosystems and optimise hydrological resources.

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