Saturday, 8th August 2020

Construction of a datawarehouse for the Quality Department of the Ebro River Basin Authority

Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro

Areas of Activity: Information Systems

Sectors of Operation: Freshwaters, Dammed waters, Dams, Groundwaters



As part of a project to modernize and upgrade the IT tools in the Ebro River Basin Authority’s quality department, in 2006 Adasa began to provide technological consulting aimed at meeting the department’s needs for improvement in the processes of preparing and publishing reports. These needs arose as a logical result of a prior process of integrating information from disparate data sources in a single repository.
Following a study of the nature of the information stored and requested by users, a pilot data model was established as a basis for the development and installation of a quality information access module based on Business Intelligence technology.
Currently the department has an operational version in which the basic structures, processes, profiles and reports have been defined according to the needs identified by its various services. The query module is based on a datawarehouse structure in which priority has been given to automatic data entry, data treatment and processing and user applications, for which purpose Microstrategy was used.
One key aspect was the tailoring of these applications to the various query and analysis scenarios converging in the department: groundwater quality, surface water quality, discharges and a laboratory service.
Emphasis was also put on the proper structuring of raw or basic data, and the processes and formats that finally determine the data structure (Datamart) viewed via the query module.