Sunday, 27th September 2020

Adasa promotes, the water sector research and innovation group

July 2011 

The launch meeting for was held on July 13th, this being an initiative in which Adasa is one of the driving companies and a group intended to encourage research and innovation in the subject of water and achieve better positioning for Catalan research centres and companies in the eighth European Union Framework Programme. is directed by the Catalan Water Research Institute and jointly coordinated with the Manresa Technology Centre. Financed by ACC1Ó, it consists of a network of Catalan water sector research companies, institutions and organizations such as the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) or the Catalan Water Partnership.

Some of the network's objectives are to argue in favour of the specific challenges and needs of R&D&I in order to obtain the right R&D&I financing instruments for those interests. will also work to give the network's participants international visibility, in order to generate opportunities for possible collaboration between institutions and strengthen the sector's competitiveness in the world. has also presented itself in Brussels, within the seminar CONNECT-EU GROUPS: Positioning Catalonia in European Research & Innovation Programmes and Policies.

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