Sunday, 25th October 2020

Adasa, environmental inspection agency

July 2011 

Adasa has been certified by the Spanish Accreditation Institute ENAC as a Type-C Inspection Agency for performance of environmental inspections, in accordance with the criteria stipulated in Standard UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020:2004 (CGAENAC-EI).

This certification backs Adasa's commitment to the environment and its total support for integrated, global management of water supply and the environment, and reflects the technical capability of the company's Inspections Department to carry out inspections in the environmental sector.

ISO 17020:2004 is the international standard which establishes the general criteria for the operation of the different kinds of organization that carry out inspections, regardless of the sector in which they carry out this activity.

This credential certifies Adasa as an inspection agency in inland surface water and waste water, according to the standards and requirements of the regulation, the result of which is the inspection report from ENAC.

These inspections allow verification of conformity and compliance with regulations related with pollutant concentrations involving "in situ" measurement of parameters (temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen), as well as simple sample taking.

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