Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Adasa participates in the seminar Environment and Society

July 2011 

The seminar “The Environment and Society: Guidelines for Environmental Management” was held on July 4th, and Adasa informed of its research work in water quality monitoring and control.

The main aim of this event, with backers including Dones d’Avui.Cat, the Societat Catalana de Química and the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, was to promote water management which is efficient in hydrological and qualitative terms while respecting the terrain and ecosystems.

Adasa's talk was given with the title “Automatic control networks: a dynamic view of water quality.” It considered the strategic importance of R&D&I as a decisive instrument to achieve sustainable growth and optimum management of hydrological resources.

In the face of these challenges, the new trends in continuous analysis measurements responding to the need to reduce both production and operating costs were presented. Consequently, use of renewable energy, GPRS communications and minimization of maintenance services was encouraged. In addition, the history of analytic measurement systems was discussed, these having initially tended to automate laboratory methods, whereas nowadays these systems require no or only minimal use of reagents and allow easy correlation with classic parameters. In this context, the future trend is use of analysis of principal components based on simple measurements.

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