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Adasa's carbon footprint

June 2011 

In its firm commitment to the environment, Adasa supports and encourages standards for continuous improvement. This is shown by its awareness of carbon footprint control and reduction in the different areas in which the company acts.

For example, Adasa has evaluated the carbon footprint of Wonderworld 2011 – Track Aguas, the most important forum for discussion about the latest technological innovation applied to water management, held on May 12th-13th.

The carbon footprint of Wonderworld 2011 was calculated using the methodology of the OCCC (Catalan Climate Change Office) and from the information provided by participants and Adasa's organization team. The calculation covers the CO2 emissions resulting from the participants' journeys (both ways) to the place where the event was held, the Port Aventura Convention Centre, giving a result of 1.5 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Estimation of the carbon footprint measures the impact of the company's activities with regard to greenhouse gas emissions, making it possible to establish policies to reduce and compensate for them.

Adasa applies initiatives of use of means of transport with low emission levels, optimization of employees' work routes and information and training campaigns in efficient driving. In 2010, CO2 emissions related with car transport were reduced by 10%. Use of high-speed railways in preference to air transport was also encouraged.

Adasa develops new technologies for environmental protection and maintains its commitment to the environment through the policies and strategies related with its Environmental Management System, introduced in and certified since the year 2005-2006 according to UNE EN ISO Standard 14001:04, and conformity with the EMAS Regulation. This allows Adasa to renew its commitment to environmental information transparency by publication of its annual Environmental Declaration, which also includes the figures for greenhouse gas emissions, the basis for calculation of the carbon footprint.

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