Tuesday, 29th September 2020

RuralCat, one of 25 innovative initiatives of the Generalitat

February 2011 

RuralCat portal is the first of the 25 initiatives that have been presented in the book "Innovation in Government Administration" that seeks to highlight innovative initiatives recently implemented in the different departments and affiliated entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Ruralcat, pioneer in the state, is the virtual community, in the agrofood, and rural Catalan world. In his case, the innovation lies in using the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), an opportunity to provide resources to improve economic activity in the rural world.

With over 15.000 registered users, provides among others, information services (news, technical reports, events calendar,...), online training (e-learning), advanced applications (plant notices, irrigation recommendations, agrometeorology services, ...) and also a group of community oriented services to registered users (social networks, forums, library, ...).

The main objectives of RuralCat, which maintenance and development was awarded to Adasa, focus on promoting technology transfer in the sector, promoting knowledge and guiding the users based on their interests and needs.


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