Tuesday, 29th September 2020

Adasa in Poland

December 2010 

The Environmental Protection State Service of Poland (Glówny Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska - GIOŚ) has recently awarded Adasa with the consultancy for the supervision and the verification of samples taking and the identification of fitobenthos, the biological element at rivers and lakes, and the development of a key identification for this element.

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) establishes a communitarian action frame for the different water typologies, in order to prevent or reduce their pollution and promote their sustainable use. According to these postulates, there is a new water quality concept that includes the fulfillment of the currently quality directives, which comprise physico-chemical parameters and the aquatic ecosystems state. Fitobenthos is one of the elements established by the WFD as the biological quality indicator that defines the ecological state of the rivers and lakes.

The main aim of the project is supporting and advising GIOŚ in tasks that the technicians of the regional organisms (WIÓS) are developing related to the protocol of collection and analysis of fitobenthos samples, as well as the validation of the samples identification in laboratory. These results will be used for the estimation of the ecological state. In addition, technical support in the revision and the treatment of data is provided and a key for the best identification of these organisms developed so that Poland can participate in the European fitobenthos intercalibration exercises.

This awarding is an example of a consultancy related to the Framework Directive where experts, administrations and companies are working together in order to calculate the ecological state and monitor water quality.

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