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Inauguration of 8 Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Units for the Junta of Andalusia

June 2010 

On June 7th, José Juan Díaz Trillo, Head of the Department of the Environment of the Junta or regional government of Andalusia, presented the 2010 INFOCA, the Plan for Forest Firefighting and Fire Prevention in Andalusia.

During his speech, the politician highlighted the new Forest Protection Centre at Carcabuey, Córdoba, and the new UMMTs (Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Units) dedicated to the INFOCA service in each of the eight provinces in the region of Andalusia.

These UMMTs are the result of the project contract the Environment Department awarded Adasa in 2009, the scope of which included development of the design pre-engineering, acquisition of all the components, manufacturing and integration of the parts and roll-out.

The UMMT units, considered an advanced control position in the fight against forest fires, contain all the equipment necessary to ensure the unit's operation (power, HVAC, furnishings and multimedia equipment) as well as real-time graphic information, meteorology and communications systems for connection with the various ground and air resources.

To facilitate fast decision making, these vehicles travel to the location of the disaster, where their facilities allow information flows between the various work centres and units involved in management of the emergency to be correctly channelled and distributed.

As the construction company and project manager, Adasa was invited to the presentation of the 2010 INFOCA Plan by the Department of the Environment of the Junta of Andalusia.

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