Tuesday, 29th September 2020

Adasa reaches Level 2 of the CMMI Quality Model

May 2010 

Adasa has achieved Level 2 accreditation of CMMI–Dev 1.2 (Capability Maturity Model Integration), a maturity model developed for appraisal and improvement of software product and system development processes.

This accreditation reflects Adasa's commitment to continuous improvement and quality in software development and its consideration as a valuable differential element. Together with Adasa's long experience and know-how in the sector of new technologies and the environment, it takes it another step forward along the road to excellence in the development of solutions for customers in that sector.

Awarded by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute) of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, USA), CMMI is the most widely used model worldwide for improvement of software product and system development and maintenance in companies, both in organizations' maturity and in process capacity.

The CMMI gives customers a number of benefits, notably software which is better adapted to companies' business strategies, and transparency in the tracking of projects in progress or work teams, giving customers a clearer view of the tasks being carried out, with the guarantee that requirements are properly taken into account. In addition, it provides greater efficiency in error detection, reducing their effect on users and, by implementation of proactive management techniques, allowing risks to be mitigated. It also provides useful information when decisions need to be made related with software development project management.

This implementation consolidates Adasa's position in the segment of the most important companies in the field of development of information and communication technology services and solutions in the environment sector.

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