Friday, 23rd October 2020

Adasa repairs Mexico's most modern radar

April 2010 

Adasa has carried out inspection and corrective maintenance of Mexico's most up-to-date meteorological radar, belonging to the Comisión Estatal de Aguas, state water authority.

Located in the municipality of Querétaro, its radial coverage range of 240 kilometres lets it predict the region's meteorological situations, as well as those of the states of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Hidalgo and San Luís Potosí.

After analysis and diagnosis of the radar's problems, Adasa has been able to repair the faults found in the systems and installations and achieve optimum operation.

This radar supplies real-time information on storms and rain intensity, as well as wind direction and speed. It guarantees that civil protection units are warned of emergency meteorological situations in the zone up to an hour in advance.

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