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Adasa in the International Market

September 2008 

In response to the ongoing challenge to grow, diversify and compete, Adasa is following a strategy of strong international expansion, opening new markets and implementing sizeable projects in Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

We would particularly highlight the projects carried out in Morocco (flood forecasting in the Loukkos basin), Rumania (integral management of cross-border groundwaters with Bulgaria, among others), Croatia (supply and installation of equipment for the achievement of the Natura 2000 Network) or Venezuela (modernisation of the hydro-meteorological measuring and forecasting system of Venezuela).

With regards to the Loukkos Basin project, Adasa has installed the automated tele-measurement network to forecast flooding by the river Martil, ensuring optimum control over these natural phenomena and guaranteeing the safety of the local population.

The project to manage groundwaters in Rumania is designed to monitor and control automatically and in real time the state of the waters, allowing preventive and corrective measures to be taken in the event of potential situations of risk. Other Adasa contracts in Rumania include the supply and installation of mobile units for controlling air contamination and laboratory equipment to analyse the state of air and soils.

The scope of the Venezuelan contract includes the supply, installation and commissioning of a “turnkey” system capable of transmitting all hydrological and meteorological information to the National Centre for Hydrometeorological Forecasting and Warning of the National Meteorology and Hydrology Institute (INAMEH).

Reaffirming its international dimension and responding to the needs of countries most susceptible to the inclemency of the weather, Adasa participates in tenders for information systems to prevent, warn, and detect natural disasters, to manage water resources, including networks of weather radars and tools designed to help protect the environment, in countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Rumania, Algeria, Tunisia or Turkey.

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