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Adasa achieves UNE 166002 certification for its R&D&I Management System

April 2009 

Adasa has become one of the few companies in its sector in Spain to win UNE 166002:2006 certification in “R&D&I Management: R&D&I Management System Requirements”.

Adasa is fully aware that R&D&I is a key factor in socioeconomic development and a crucial element in companies’ growth and thus their competitiveness. In this context, in response to the constant demand for new technologies and products, Adasa promotes research, development and innovation applied to the integral water cycle, meteorology and the environment, and has taken a step further in its commitment to the sector’s growth by improving its R&D&I Management System by adapting it to the requirements of UNE standard 166002:2006. Adasa is strongly committed to the R&D&I activities and projects it has been undertaking since the company started out, which have positioned it as an international benchmark in the environmental sector.

This standard provides the guidelines that organizations need to follow to improve both the efficacy and efficiency of their R&D&I Management System. Its implementation not only strengthens the structure of research, technological development and innovation processes, but also gives organizations the capacity to recognise emerging technologies or new technologies that have not yet been applied to their sector, whose assimilation and subsequent development will give them the foundations to further strengthen their R&D&I, improve their competitiveness, create new products and generate new lines of business.

Gaining this certificate underlines Adasa’s constant commitment to improving its processes; the company continually strives to act and serve as a benchmark for its customers with the aim of making R&D&I a differentiating factor in its competitiveness.

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