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Meet us at Meteorological Technology World Expo

March 2017 

Adasa will seize the occasion of attending the Meteorological Technology World Expo to show Adasa flagship worldwide case studies, such as the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar at Mexico City Airport, the maintenance of the weather radar network of Spain, the automatic weather station network of Moldova as part of the country’s “Disaster Risk Mitigation Program”, the early warning system of São Tomé and Príncipe or the installation of the most advanced weather radar of Central America implemented in Honduras.

Adasa designs and builds solutions for weather and hydrological monitoring and prediction. Our meteorological products and services include the implementation, operation and maintenance of weather radar systems, automatic weather station networks and SNOTEL stations.

Adasa is an advanced integrator of the latest ICT solutions, providing Information Management Systems for the provision of the most innovative hydrometeorological services and Early Warning Systems for emergency operations.

Adasa offers a range of specialised flood consulting services to assist authorities and community to effectively manage flood risk and studies the effects of climate changes, including modeling and forecasting services to decision support.

Founded in 1988, Adasa operates in Europe, Australia, Latin America and North Africa. Our team of experts understands our clients’ needs of ensuring an efficient management of extreme weather events and disasters, as well as enhancing strategic and operational decision-making in order to improve urban drainage networks control and guarantee water supplies by employing flood and drought management measures.

Meteorological Technology World Expo (Madrid, 27 – 29 September)

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