Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Adasa sustainability starts with a principled approach to doing business

June 2016 

Adasa is committed to sustainability and this is embedded in the way we work.

Our approach to sustainability is to integrate innovative economic, social and environmental business practices to deliver long term value to our shareholders, customers, partners, communities, employees and the environment.

In 2015 European Commission awarded Adasa for more than 5 years of continuous EMAS registration (2006-2015). After 9 years, our sustainability framework is built around our commitment to performance, credibility and transparency in environmental management. The outcomes of these efforts are reported annually in our Annual Review and Sustainability Report.

“Day to day, Adasa remains committed to the values of the UN Global Compact, and making an strong effort to create economic, environmental and social value in the short and medium term, and to contribute to the progress and society welfare.” Albert Molina - General Manager Adasa.

Read our Sustainability Report

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