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Adasa Shares its Water Reuse Expertise

June 2016 

Demoware project has invited Adasa to participate and share its experience at the Conference on Innovation for a Competitive Water Reuse Sector, which will take place on 13th and 14th of June in Barcelona.

Water reuse offers significant benefits to integrated management of stressed water countries and regions as a dependable alternative water source. There is a substantial range of water reuse practices already applied worldwide, many of these in Europe.

Adasa will take the advantage of this forum to show its water reuse technologies, and present an innovative flagship project related to advanced monitoring systems for efficient water reclamation.

In addition, the R3Water project, an FP7 project funded by the European Commission where Adasa cooperates, will also be described. The main goal of R3Water is the demonstration of innovative solutions for reuse of water, recovery of valuables and resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment.

14 June – 15.30 h
Adasa Water Reuse Technology

Donwload Adasa Water Reuse Case Study (CCB – R3Water)

Further information about R3Water

Registration and further information about the Conference

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