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Real Time Alarm Systems for Biological and Chemical Risks to Drinking Water

February 2016 

ERNCIP is the acronym of European Reference Network Critical Infrastructure Protection. Led by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the mission of ERNCIP Project Platform is to foster the emergence of innovative, qualified, efficient and competitive security solutions according to different thematic areas in order to achieve a better protection of critical infrastructures against all types of threats and hazards.

The Biological and Chemical Risks group has a focus on drinking water as a critical infrastructure that needs protection. Many risks are intentional, terrorism is an example, but also droughts, floods, climate change must be considered, too.

Adasa, as leader of EU RTWQM Action Group, has kindly been invited to join the meeting of this technical group and present their leading innovative real time alarm systems, which help to prevent or mitigate damage caused by drinking water contamination.

Meeting of ERNCIP - Biological and Chemical Risks to Drinking Water: Ispra (Italy), 24 – 25 February

Further information about ERNCIP Project Platform

Further details about the ERNCIP Thematic Group “Chemical and Biological Risks to Drinking Water”

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