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Innovation in Water Reuse at EIP Water Conference 2016

January 2016 

The 3rd EIP Water Conference will foster innovation in the European water sector by showcasing the experience of innovators and the lessons they have learned. It will be held on 10th February 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

7 things participants can expect from the 3rd EIP Water conference:

1. Learn the lessons of experienced water innovators in Europe.
2. Gain insight into the regulatory and financial framework, public-private partnerships and how to successfully establish innovation.
3. Hear the direction the European Commission is taking to foster innovation in water in Europe.
4. Network with potential collaboration partners and become part of the EIP Water Marketplace.
5. Get to know the funding and financial instruments available.
6. Learn about best practice in public procurement.
7. Visit unique testing facilities and water innovation sites.

Adasa will join this brilliant opportunity for strengthening global networking to boost the innovation in the water sector. We look forward to see you in our booth at the exhibition area!

In addition, Adasa, as leader of the “Real Time Water Quality Monitoring” Action Group, will also discuss advanced solutions in water reuse.

More than 400 participants already registered.

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