Wednesday, 28th October 2020

A new Efficiency Energy System for Wastewater Implanted in Belgium

November 2015 

Adasa has just implanted a new system in Wijer wastewater treatment plant (Belgium) which aims to minimise the energy cost and maximise the operation efficiency.

OptimEDAR is a new control and management solution for WWTP based on an innovative on-line monitoring of the aeration process in the biological reactor.

OptimEDAR is an ‘add-in’ solution which:

· Reduce energy consumption, by average 20%, by adapting blower operation to the actual reactor load.
· Increase the efficiency of the treatment process due to denitrification, dephosphatation and
microbiological stability.
· Improve the quality of water discharged to the natural environment.
· Reduce the “ecological footprint” of the complete wastewater treatment process.

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