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Online water quality monitoring, one European EIP Water priority

November 2015 

The Real Time Water Quality Monitoring (RTWQM) is an Action Group set up under the umbrella of the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water), initiative of the European Commission. The main aim of the RTWQM AG is to foster solutions to water challenges based on online water quality monitoring technologies and affordable monitoring strategies.

One of the EIP Water priorities is to identify and remove barriers to innovation. In this sense, RTWQM AG has identified that the current water sampling strategies stipulated in the water directives are a barrier for the adoption of innovative on-line technologies for monitoring water quality.

During last months, the RTWQM members, with the leadership of Adasa and Benten Water Solutions, have been participating actively in the consultation processes for the revision of EU water directives and guidelines and, in particular, related to drinking water directive and the minimum quality requirements of water reuse.

The initial contributions of RTWQM members to these consultations have been compiled in 2 white-papers, which can be summed up in:

· Online monitoring is the more convenient solution for process control and early warning against pollution events, but it is not suitable for the directives compliance.
· The Water Safety Plan (WSP) approach, as an effective combination of the on-line technologies with the traditional discrete sampling method for water directives reporting.

These concepts are not only applicable to the drinking water directive or the water reuse guidelines, but also for the Urban Wastewater Directive and the Water Framework Directive.

Innovative monitoring technologies and EU Water legislation
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