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Adasa, 20 years of know-how and experience

January 2009 

Adasa commemorates the 20 anniversary of its foundation. These years represent the consolidation of the organization as engineering leader in the development of technological solutions applied to the management of the integral water cycle and the environment.

Since its beginnings, Adasa has been member of Agbar Group and currently it is a member of Systems and Technology Business Unit of Emte group.

The model of service offered by Adasa is based on the combination of an extensive knowledge of the water and environment sectors, as a result of a big amount of projects developed in this scope, and an intense technological specialisation.

Throughout its trajectory, Adasa receives the cooperation and support of the most technological organisations, through which strategic alliances are set up, to ensure the implementation of the best solutions and the integration of technological tools with great added-value.

Adasa cooperates with national and international organisms, not only Public Administration but also companies from the private sector. Some of the main clients are Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino (Ministry of Environment, Rural & Marine Affairs), River Basins, autonomic Governments, city councils, water treatment companies, drainage managing companies, managing companies of drinking water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants and irrigation associations.

During this last decade, Adasa has bet to international projection, promoting enterprise cooperation projects, opening new markets and implementing important projects in Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Some of the most important international projects are the ones developed in Morocco (Floods forecast at Loukkos River Basin), Rumania (Integrated management of groundwater between Bulgaria and Romania), Croatia (Supply and implementation of equipment for an institutional building of Natura 2000 Network) or Venezuela (system of observation and GOES/DCS communications for the modernization program of the hydro meteorological measurement and prognosis system).

Along these 20 years, Adasa has demonstrated a strong promotion of research, development and innovation activities applied to the water and environment sectors. The reinvesting of more than 8% of its turnover and Adasa’s international recognition are good examples of this vocation.

This summary looks back over the last 20 years of Adasa, but currently Adasa pursues new challenges and objectives. Fortifying the company’s directives, Adasa bets to open new markets and consolidate the present ones, assuring a firm positioning and reinforcing its differentiation in the sector.

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