Saturday, 31st October 2020

The Journal of Environmental Management publishes an article related to the quality of WWTP effluents based on chemometric techniques

May 2014 

Thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Environmental Chemistry of CSIC (IDAEA), the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA), Trargisa and Adasa, and within the framework of Safenatur project funded by ACC1Ó and the FEDER funds, the article Chemometrics quality assessment of wastewater treatment plant effluents using physicochemical parameters and UV absorption measurements has been published at the Journal of Environmental Management.

This research has enabled the achievement of a chapter of the thesis Application of chemometrics methods to water quality studies of Stefan Platikanov, led by Professor Romà Tauler.

The Safenatur project, an automatic system for the discharges protection, aims to develop a technology that defines the characteristics of the WWTP effluent quality, in real time, and by the automatic use of specific sensors and chemometric techniques.

Journal of Enrionmental Management

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