Wednesday, 28th October 2020

The Wastewater Quality Monitoring Project at Gdánsk Water Foundation (Poland)

March 2014 

The Consortium of the European project ‘Wastewater Quality Monitoring’ (WWQM) will support Gdánsk Water Foundation, the major training centre in Poland, which aims to undertake the exchange of experiences and the dissemination of new technologies related to sewerage and water management.

WWQM will be shown at the Conference “Control Process for water supply companies”, which will be hold in Gdánsk following 13th and 14th of March.

Based on an eco-innovative on-line monitoring of WWTPs effluent, WWQM’s key product - aquaTest-MO product - allows WWTPs to run affordable on-line monitoring scheme of the process, deriving in higher quality of treated water, meaning an increased productivity of the whole system and a faster water quality control loop.

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