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OptimEDAR, the Smart Wastewater Solution

November 2013 

Adasa supports Gdansk Water Foundation, the major training centre in Poland, which aims to undertake the exchange of experiences and the dissemination of new technologies related to sewerage and water management.

Adasa takes the advantage of participating in the Conference “Energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants”, hold in Gdansk from 5th to 7th of November, where will promote OptimEDAR solution: a new control and management solution for small and medium WWTP. Based on an eco-innovative, on-line monitoring of the aeration process in the biological reactor, its main benefits are:
· Reduction in energy consumption.
· Overall savings in operational costs.
· Increase of effluent quality.

6th November 10.10 h
Control and optimization of energy consumption in small and medium WWTP

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