Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Adasa supports the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management of Romania

September 2013 

Adasa takes the advantage of participating in the Annual Scientific Conference “Water Resources Management under Climate and Anthropogenic Changes”, in order to promote its 25 years of experience supporting an integrated and multidisciplinary approach of water resources management.

Focusing on the following main topics, this conference will gather researchers, hydrologists and hydro-geologists who will tackle the current challenges that our world is facing.

- Water resources and hydrological extremes management.
- Hydrological risks under climate change.
- River basin development and anthropogenic impact.
- Influence of climatic changes on hydrological and hydrogeological regimes.
- Eco-hydrology and environmental protection in climate change condition.

25th September 10 h
Analyze of the Effects of the Flash Floods in the Lights of the Results Obtained through the Project “Flood hazard maps and the plan for the prevention, protection and mitigation of the floods effects in Dobrogea – Litoral hydrographic space” (ROMANIA)

Bucharest, 23rd - 26th September

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