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Wonderworld - Waterworld, forum of reference related to the technologies applied to the water sector

November 2008 

Adasa, engineering of reference specialised in technological solutions applied to the management of the integral water cycle and Wonderware, a leader in supervision and control systems, organize Wonderworld - Waterworld congress.

Wonderworld - Waterworld is the principal forum related to the last technologies applied to the management and operation of the water resources. In a working day it will joint the most important experts of hydrological, knowledge management and exchange of information between organisms sectors.

This event will take place in Avila on 13th November. It will be structured by:

• Plenary sessions where economy, management, science and technology will be debated by prestigious speakers form the Public Administration and the most important private companies.

• Specific sessions, presented by experts of the sector, where will be exposed significant subjects such as optimal management of hydrological operational systems, modelling systems, implantation and diffusion of dams emergency plans and other integration of solutions which provide additional value to the management of the water resources.

• Social activities so that the participants can share experiences, through diverse leisure activities and a gala dinner.


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