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RuralCat is firmly committed to AgriFood Sector by Fruit.Net

April 2013 

RuralCat site remains committed to applied technology in the agricultural sector and presents the third Virtual Office for the innovative Fruit.Net program, already having the Irrigator and Agri-Food Industry support office.

Fruit.Net is a work program sponsored by the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian’s Government), together with the Institute of Research and Agri-food Technology (IRTA) and AfruCAT producers association.

The main goal is to join forces and make Catalan fruit products more competitive, at a time when the market and legislation are increasingly demanding with regard to the sustainable use of plant protection products and the presence of residues in the fruit.

Important companies and organizations give support to this initiative and collaborate in, which aims to optimize the use of pesticides and waste minimization in fruit production.

Adasa is the engineering leading the maintenance and development of RuralCat portal since 2010, with the remarkable aim of promoting technology transfer in rural areas and agribusiness.

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