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Water-Radd, Automatic Radioactivity Level Measurement in Freshwaters

March 2013 

Water-Radd, the innovative product for a continuous low level radioactivity measurement based on plastic scintillation microspheres, developed by Adasa in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, will be shown in the 22nd International Advances in Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry (LSC 2013).

LSC 2013, which will be held in Barcelona from 18th to 22nd of March, is the world's leading global Conference for discussing the latest developments and applications of Liquid Scintillation Counting technique for radionuclide determination, where researchers and specialists will join to exchange their experiences and best practices.

Water-Radd is the world’s first product for freshwater continuous radionuclide concentration measurement with alert levels close to those established in current regulations. Water-Radd can be used for monitoring natural radioactivity, rivers near nuclear plants, hospital wastewater, rivers near mining industry,...

20th March (14.30 h)
Water-Radd, instrument for continuous monitoring of alpha and beta radionuclides

Further information at http://www.ub.edu/LSC2013BCN//

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