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Start-up of the most powerful radar in Central America

February 2013 

In order to strengthen the early warning system for natural disasters of the Permanent Contingency Commission of Honduras (COPECO), Adasa has launched the most powerful radar in the region.

This S band Doppler Weather Radar has an action radius of 500 kilometers, supporting the operation of 63 hydro-meteorological and seismic stations which places Honduras in a leading position of civil protection systems in Central America. His prediction capability covers 100 percent of Honduran territory, 100 percent of El Salvador, 90 percent of Guatemala, 100 percent of Belize and 90 percent of Nicaragua.

Among its main features, it is worth stressing its equivalence to the use of hundreds of gauges distributed across the coverage area and, unlike satellites, it transmits data in real time with the possibility of studying raining volumes at different cuts or sections. It also tracks and allows the study of severe phenomena such as hurricanes, locating and calculating its trajectory.

Adasa consolidates its position in the meteorology field, including, among other awards, the maintenance of radar observation system, consisting of 19 radars located in Spain; the modernization of measurement and hydro-meteorological forecasting system program in Venezuela for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Affairs (MARN) or the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a TDWR radar for the Mexican Airspace Navigation Service (SENEAM).

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