Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Adasa certifies the Standing Committee for Contingencies of Honduras in Early Warning Systems

June 2012 

Completion of the project to modernise environmental observation and civil defence facilities for the Standing Committee for Contingencies of Honduras (COPECO), in recent weeks the UTE Dominion–Adasa–Emte has carried out intensive certification program for technicians from COPECO, the National Risk Management System (SINAGER), Sula Valley Flood Monitoring (CECIV) and the National Autonomous Service of Water Supply Lines and Sewers (SANAA).

With the installation of this grid, COPECO will have a complete early warning system, which scope includes meteorological radar, 63 hydro-meteorological and seismic stations, 42 specialised vehicles, mobile operations centres, fire fighting equipment, urban rescue and hazardous materials management, tents and supplies for helping disaster victims.

This network allows the subsoil to be analysed and determining the existence of underground currents, and provide information relative to rainfall, river levels, wind speeds and ground temperatures to guide farmers during seeding periods. Likewise, it makes it possible to measure the solar radiation and brightness in order to warn the population and organisers of outdoor events about the danger imposed by direct exposure to solar rays at a given point in time.

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