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ID-TAX Presentation workshop

May 2012 

On the 31st of May, the “Presentation Workshop for the Organism Catalogue and Identification Codes used in the Control Networks for the Ecological Status in Contaminated Water”, a project developed by Adasa, will be held at the Madrid head offices of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment Affairs.

The aim of this workshop is to describe the work carried out until the catalogue and indemnification codes is obtained as presented and disseminated by ID-TAX, the application developed to aids in identifying organisms employed in assessing the ecological status.

The classification of the ecological status of water masses is essential information for prioritising the taking of decisions aimed at compliance of good status, established in the Water Framework Directive. With this objective, the General Water Department, in its functions of legislation coordination, is preparing the ecological status classification system and the Subdirección General Sub-department for Comprehensive Management of the public Hydraulic Domain has var various works into operation, among which the ID-TAX project is included.

This project, which commenced in November 2009, consisted of producing the identification codes for various quality assurance elements: benthonic invertebrates, macrophytes, fish, phytobenthos and phytoplankton. ID-TAX was developed by experts from various universities and research centres in each of the biological elements, in collaboration with Adasa.

In order to provide the greatest possible dissemination and facilitate knowledge interchange, both applications can be consulted at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment Website.

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