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Adasa supports the International Congress “Stakeholder Involvement in Flood Risk Management”

April 2012 

Adasa supports the international workshop on “Stakeholder involvement in flood risk management”, which is considered as an exchange forum of experiences between the stakeholders involved in flood risk management.

With the remarkable aims of assuring the implementation of Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of floods, this event provides the opportunity to further the knowledge and gather leaders and technology experts together to share successful strategies and best practices among European Union Member States.

Showing its intensive technological specialisation and an extensive knowledge of water sector, Adasa is attending this event to show the most emblematic projects which demonstrate its solid market position in flood sector.


18/April 13 h
Individual Case of Management of Flood Emergency Situations: Implementation of Emergency Action Plans of Dams (Spain)

18/April 13 h
ICT-Enabled Solutions for Flood Risk Events Management: Success Case of the Guadiana River Basin (Spain)

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