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Adasa, committed to efficient water management

March 2012 

Environmental respect is one of the values that distinguishes the activities of Comsa Emte and its associated companies. Right from the start, the company committed itself to sustainability and the protection of the environment as basic principles in all its practices. The current context, which is marked by an ever-increasing lack of resources, is forcing society to rationalise its consumption and for companies to develop efficiency policies intended to protect the most scarce resources.

One of these resources is water and Comsa Emte is firmly committed to efficient management of this highly prized substance. The Group currently has three companies that are developing activities relating to water and that contribute to its efficient use by providing technological solutions applied to comprehensive water cycle management.

Adasa stands out because of its service model based on a combination of intense water sector specialisation and extensive technological knowledge. It is an expert in information, communication, automation and control systems and also in hydrologic control, water quality and environmental protection systems. Its strategic objective is to employ technology to assist public and private organisations to develop their competences by thus guaranteeing resource optimisation the quality and efficiency of its services. Adasa is internationally recognised through its activities over the five continents and its local offices distributed through Europe, Latin-America and Australia.

Deisa is centring its business on potable water treatment, the processing of urban and industrial waste water and advanced chemical oxidation processes, together with water regeneration, with the development of turnkey projects and including feasibility studies, basic and conceptual engineering, plant construction, operation and exploitation. Deisa possesses wide international experience with more than 350 projects executed in 20 countries and has a filial company in Algeria, Deisa Algérie.

Together with Aguas de Valencia, Comsa Emte (through Comsa Emte Medio Ambiente) is managing Aigües de Catalunya, a company specialised in comprehensive water cycle management that operates in Catalonia. Among the services provided by the company is the management of municipal potable water distribution and of waste water purification plants, together with sewer services and irrigation system operation and management. All Aigües de Catalunya operations are focussed on the efficient optimisation and management of water as a natural resource.

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