Saturday, 31st October 2020

Adasa is contributing to the prevention of natural disasters in Honduras

January 2012 

On the 31st of January, the joint venture Dominion – Adasa – Emte delivered a partial modernisation project for the environmental monitoring and civil protection equipment for the Permanent Commission for Contingencies in Honduras (COPECO).

This reception was made by the President Porfirio Lobo Sosa who emphasised the importance of such equipment and infrastructures and thanked the support contributed by the three companies in reaching the common goal to prevent natural disasters, to provide warning of them and to minimise their consequences to the people and the environment as far as possible.

Also participating at the ceremony was the Spanish ambassador, Luís Belzuz de los Ríos, the President of the National Irrigation Management System, Samuel Reyes, the COPECO Commissioner, Lisandro Rosales, in addition to other members of the Republic of Honduras Government.

The scope of this contract includes a weather radar station, 63 weather and seismic stations, 42 specialised vehicles, mobile operation centres, fire-fighting equipment, urban rescue, hazardous material handling, tents and other supplies for victim care.

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