Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Adasa is leading an INNPRONTA project on waste water purification

November 2011 

Through the Centre for Technological Industrial Development (CDTI), the Ministry for Science and Innovation has resolved the first call for projects of the INNPRONTA Programme intended to finance large-scale industrial research programmes. This programme finances far-reaching strategic projects with large scientific-technical scope, based on future technological areas with international economic and commercial projection. Forty-two applications were presented at this first call, from which seven research projects were selected.

Adasa is also heading one of the selected consortiums formed by ten companies and eleven universities and technological centres. This project, with a 15.5 million Euro budget, is to carry out research on various matters concerning waste water purification within the environmental area, under the heading “Research into treatment, recycling and control technologies for future water purification sustainability (ITACA)”.

The ITACA project is to research new industrial and urban waste water purification technologies in order to efficiently and sustainably convert the treatment process into strategy for reuse, making use of substances, by-products and waste, together with energy assessment, while minimising environmental impacts.

In turn, it shall carry out research into advanced systems of treatment process measurement, automation and control directed towards configuring a centralised management system that will automatically decide the optimum sequence of treatments for the effluents under study.

The selection of the ITACA project by the CDTI corroborates the clear backing of Adasa and the companies of the Comsa Emte Group for R+D+i as a strategic growth instrument and its vocation to improve society’s wellbeing, its sustainable development and preservation of the environment.

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