Sunday, 27th September 2020

Mexico decides on Adasa

October 2011 

Adasa has been announced as the successful bidder, by the Mexican Air-Space Navigation Service, SENEAM, for the installation and commissioning of the doppler meteorological radar system for the Mexico City International Airport.

This radar will provide real-time information about storms, rainfall intensity and speed, together with the type of precipitation, contributing information that is essential to the prevention of possible emergency weather situations in the area. Moreover, the contract scope also includes the training of both technical and operating SENEAM personnel responsible for its operation.

This awarding responds to the strong expansion strategy that Adasa has been developing over the last few years and corroborates its consolidation within the country. As an example of its local experience, special mention should be made of the inspection and corrective maintenance of the most modern meteorological radar system in the country, located in Querétaro, together with the technical training of the State Water Commission personnel. Also in the meteorological sector, the updating of the antenna control servo-system for the Acapulco meteorological radar system should be pointed out, or the training of monitoring and operating specialists at the meteorological radar systems control centre belonging to the National Water Commission.

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