Friday, 4th December 2020

Adasa promotes R&D and innovation activities

by reinvesting more than 8% of its turnover

In response to the constant demand for new technologies and products, Adasa promotes research, development and innovation applied to water, meteorology and environment.

Its firm vocation and proactive philosophy are shown in the constant development of national and international projects, in collaboration with universities, scientific institutions and research centres, with the aim of promoting technical innovation, which is essential for guaranteeing the future wellbeing of society, conserve the environment and ensure sustainable development.

Since April 2009 Adasa develops its R&D and innovation activities according to UNE 166002:2006 regulation “R&D and innovation Management”. Its implantation, not only reinforces the structure of processes of research, technological development and innovation, but also enables Adasa to recognize emergent and new technologies, improving its competitiveness, generating new products and creating new business lines.

Many projects receive the support of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade - through the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) - or the PROFIT programme (Technical Research Development Programme) of the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, the international programmes EUREKA, IBEROEKA, LIFE or the Framework Programmes of the European Union.

During its existence, Adasa has won international recognition, accrediting the importance of fostering research, development and innovation strategies as the fundamental elements of a competitive society.